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Dr. Ravi Krishna Kalathur partners with Dr. Karthik Babu Natarajan to run the Back and Pain Centre, Chennai’s first, advanced and the most well equipped stand-alone Pain Clinics in the country. This association has the distinction of running the most successful International Pain Conference held in India in Sep 2011, ICIPM, held at Chettinad Medical College and also the most successful National Conference ISSPCON 2015, held in Hyatt Regency, Feb 2015.

CUSG is the brainchild of Dr Ravi Krishna Kalathur, a Senior Consultant, Department of Anaesthesia, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. This Centre is being instituted after a decade of practice and teaching Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Interventions in India and abroad. It was a moment of great pride for us, that the first handouts of CUSG were released by Padma Bhushan Dr. Shantha, Director of Cancer Institute, Adyar.

World over there is enough and more evidence, understanding, and impetus to move away from landmark based techniques and Fluoroscopy guided procedures towards usage of Ultrasound. We do realize that educating the practitioners is the only way forward in the small but significant step towards patient care. Didactic lectures to understand the theoretical basis of various aspects, by experts from India and all over the world, in a state of art video conference facility. A maximum of 8 participants in a group, to avoid overcrowding. Daily practice on volunteers, help in mastering the image acquisition and added sessions on mastering the interventions with Phantoms and animal models. Nerve blocks demonstration in the operating room to enrich participant with the needful experience. To deliver the best for the participant, a session with cadavers in the Anatomy lab is incorporated into the 6 day course. For every 2 participants, an ultrasound machine is provided so that he/she is familiar with the machine handling by the end of the course. We provide an international platform for participants to hone their practical skills to further enhance their technical management.

“Clinical Anatomy” is a clearly a scare to the present day practitioners. Best teachers from the Department of Anatomy are included in the faculty to bridge this disconnect. They are going to play a crucial role in grooming the practitioner for a better understanding.

“Learning is a lifelong process”, at this centre we do realize the need for these courses ,which would have the necessary impact on the medical fraternity and the society at large.

So Happy Learning!!!


Mission Statement – “ Our mission is to educate and equip the practitioner with knowledge, both theoretical and clinical, to ensure HIGHEST STANDARDS OF SAFETY which we believe would eventually translate into BETTER PATIENT OUTCOMES”

Our Vision – To provide a Centre of Excellence in imparting comprehensive Ultrasound education to every Practicing / Trainee Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, thereby promoting a varied use of Ultrasound for safe practice of Regional Anaesthesia, and in General Anaesthesia practice like assessing Intubation difficulties and also Gastric Volumes prior to induction, to predict, anticipate and avoid life threatening mishaps and most importantly to achieve the highest standards of Ultrasound Education in Diagnostics and a modality of Imaging for Therapeutic Interventions in Pain Practice.”

Course Content

Course Content Validation and Teaching is done by expertise from in and around the world, this ensures highest quality of education and knowledge of “Safe and Effective Practices” and also to keep abreast of the recent advances.

Focus Group

These courses are designed for the novice Anaesthesiologists and Pain Physicians. A maximum of 8 participants in a group to avoid over crowding and for every 2 participants, an ultrasound machine will be provided to familiarise machine handling by the end of the course.

State of art Conference Facility

We provide an international platform for participants to hone their practical skills to further enhance their technical management.