Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques

At the centre we teach principles and techniques of interventions relating to Pain Medicine and Anaesthesiology. We use ULTRASOUND to teach the interventions. We follow all the norms and regulations of Ministry of Health, Government of India – Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques ( PC PNDT Act ). Every participant, both National and International are required to know the implications of the law. This law ensures and enforces that Ultrasound is not misused. This legislation enforces the prevention of determination of gender in the pregnant mother. This is very necessary as the participant has to be aware of the age-old draconian practices of female infanticide, shamefully, still existing in certain parts of our country. Ultrasound usage in India for this reason is strictly regulated and we at “CHENNAIUSG ” fully comply with the legislations.

WE DO NOT TEACH OBSTETRIC ULTRASOUND. We are neither competent or complacent in training such a participant who desires to train in obstetric Ultrasound. So we have compiled news and clippings for your perusal. A booklet is also available at the centre for the interested participants. Every participant’s detail is registered with the regulatory authority for the record.