Terms & Conditions

  1. Course registration fee must be paid along with the submission of required documents.
  2. Registration fee is non-refundable.
  3. Course fee should be paid within a week of acceptance letter being delivered by Chennai Ultrasound study Group.
  4. Chennai Ultrasound study Group will be organizing the courses as specified in the website, any individual fulfilling the criteria can subscribe for the same by filling the form, accepting Terms & condition paying the required fees.
  5. Chennai Ultrasound study Group reserves the rights of selection or rejection of the application submitted, selected participants who have paid the fees will be notified within 2 working days of applying, in case of rejection of application the company will intimate by email / phone and refund will be initiated within 7 working days from the date of rejection. Refunds will be issued using the same method of payment that was used to make payment.
  6. Once the selection is confirmed & communicated to the individual no cancellation will be allowed.
  7. No refund will be eligible in case of no show where the participant arrives late or does not turn up for the event.
  8. Only the registered participant can attend the courses  & replacement is substitution not allowed
  9. No refunds will be eligible to any individual if courses conducted are not up to the satisfaction or expectation of the participant.
  10. In case course is cancelled or postponed, should this occur, we will attempt to contact you to inform you of the revised dates & if you are unable to attend the courses then the amount will be refunded back to you.